"Our Goal is to offer You the Freshest, Creamiest, Tastiest Ice Cream On Earth!"



     "To see the ice cream made is an Awesome Experience, But wait until You taste it...Yummy!"

In early 2014, Les and Jess had just sold one of their major businesses and were seeking exciting and new frontiers to explore. One day they came across a video of a street vendor in Northern Thailand that made ice cream from a cold plate that was made entirely from scratch and fresh ingredients, then scraped into rolls and placed in a cup. Les and Jess immediately knew this was an instant future trend and started seeking the equipment and knowledge to bring this to Texas and the United States. It took almost a year to acquire the correct machines and to develop the ice cream ingredients. They knew that the show of making the ice cream in front of each customer would be an instantly huge success, but after they finished developing the Ice Scraper ice cream formula they then knew that they had developed one of the freshest and incredibly delicious ice creams they had ever tasted. Ice Scrapers "Little Red Trailer" opened up in April of 2015, and in March of 2016, they moved to their newest location on University of Texas West Campus, behind the University Co-Op. 

Today, Ice Scrapers is one of the most popular dessert spots in Austin. Featured in numorous newspaper articles, blogs, and social media listings, our Little Red Trailer is making quite a name for itself. 

Ice Scrapers specializes in making Thai inspired ice cream rolls. We start with a liquid base that you choose (vanilla, chocolate, and coffee) and offer all of those in Coconut Milk or Dairy Milk). We then pour it onto our "large anti-griddle" (Cold Plate), and chop in the mix-in's of your choice. The liquid quickly turns into ice cream that is custom made the way you ordered it. We scrape the ice cream into rolls, and then apply the toppings you choose. We also make New Orleans Style SnoBalls and Hawaiian Ice Cream SnoBalls, with almost 40+ flavors that you can mix and match as you please, as well as other great Scraper Xtras..

                                                 Meet the Original Crew (Owners)

Ice Scrapers is a family owned business. Owned by Husband and Wife, Jenny and Les, and by Jenny's brother, Jess. Together, they combine their talents and expertise, to provide for you the best service and best experience anyone could offer, and of course the best darn ice cream on Earth. 

Jess and Les have worked as a team for over 20 years, starting many successful businesses. Their entrepreneurial spirit is what led them into opening Ice Scrapers. They became enthused by the Food trailer industry, as well as different street vendors from around the world. The Thai inspired production of ice cream we offer was first seen by them from a street vendor in Northern Thailand.

Jenny has experience in managing a large Corporation, to include day to day operations, employment management, book keeping, etc.

Les's extensive background in the food industry, Jess's marketing skills and creative skills, and Jenny's Office Management portfolio, combine to present to you a great product, and all around spectacular experience.