Catering and Events 

EVERYONE LVES ICE CREAM! We are available for Catering and Special Events. Below is more information on pricing and scheduling. Please review and then fill out form so that we can put together a proposal for you right away. Catering and Events are scheduled on a first come first schedule basis. 

In addition to our creamy and delicious ice cream products and our friendly, experienced staff, we provide a visual experience and interaction like no other in our industry.

We will work with you to ensure this event reflects your own taste and personal touches. Our goal is that we do our part so that you and your guests thoroughly enjoy this special event.


Ice Scrapers (Rolled Ice Cream) Minimum (up to 175 Guests)                $350.00

Ice Scrapers (Rolled Ice Cream) Minimum Over 175 Guests)                  $2.00 per serving/guest

Machine Charge (Staff and Preparations)                                                 $250.00 (per machine) 
(Each Machine can prepare up to 200 servings, so 1 machine minimum for every 200 guests, 2 machine minimum for up to 400 guests, etc.)

 BEVERAGES (Water, Coca Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke)            $2.50 per 20 oz bottle

 ADD-ON ITEMS (napkins and plastic spoons)                                         $ Included

1 Server per machine                                                                                 $ Included

POWER                                                                                                      $ 125.00
Generator for power (If inside and outlets available, no charge)

MILEAGE                                                                                                    $ 2.00/mile
Will travel up to 75 miles (charged per round trip)                                                                                                            

Requested Extra Preparers                                                                        $15 per hour per additional server requested

Sales tax                                                                                                     (8.25%)

DEPOSIT                                                                                                    (Deposit is total of minimum of 50 guests @ $2.00                                                                                                                              per serving and Machine Charge total)

Serving Size is a heaping 3.5 oz serving with toppings. 

You must select specific desired ice cream Special or flavor (1 per machine) for the event

Electricity must be provided at event location and indoors is recommended as machines work at optimal temperatures and therefore produce higher quality and faster rates. One separate plug per machine is required.

A serving table must be provided or requested in advance.